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Monday, March 15, 2010

Viva Update - DST Lab

Following are some of the questions were asked by Mr. Kausar while presiding over the viva ceremony of section D (PR-1) fellows:
1. The following function takes a pointer to an integer and returns its cube in the process:

Modify this function, so that its return type is void and it still does the same job (i.e. calculating the cube of value to which 'p' is pointing).
2. What do these two statements do and what's the difference between them?
3. Why we use pointers in a linked list? :)
4. What are the differences between an array and a linked list?
5. Write the definition of struct node for a double linked list.

("Try karaien, mein ne bhi try nahi kia... Ziada se ziada kia ho ga... Error aa jaye ga?" - Mr. Kausar in Lab Session 3)


Anonymous said...

hehehehe.......viva ceremony!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Kausar ko to khud tution ki zroorat hai abi.....

Anonymous said...

lovely comments posted by peoples

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