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Thursday, March 11, 2010

News Update - 11 March 2010

Data Structures' Lab Viva

There would be a viva in the next lab session under the following topic:

"Pointers in Singly and Doubly Linked Lists"
Question asked would be regarding the use of Pointers in general and in linked
lists, implementation of singly and doubly linked lists, and the theoretical
concepts of Linked lists as an Abstract Data Type.

Note: Question asked will be oral and/or you can be asked to write code on computers.

Sample Questions:

1. From a list of some integers, find the largest. Then make another list of the size equal to the largest number of the first list and randomly fill it with integers. After that, fill in the third list in such a way that the the first element of it is that which is at that position in the second list as governed by the number in the first list.

2. Print out even / odd numbers of the list, remove duplicate elements from the list and sort it out.

3. Take union of two list, with no repetitions of elements. 

Here is a link for some important linked list problems that can be asked.

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