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Thursday, November 12, 2009

EMC Lab Evaluation - Do's and Don't's

From next week on, EMC lab evaluation is due (Cheeta bhi peeta hai!). What you have to do is nothing but to make sure you fit in the following scenery:

1. You have completed 5 experiments regarding DC Machines (i.e. Transformer, Generator (Shunt and Separately Excited), Motor (Series and Shunt) ).
2. You have made a copy (preferably a Rizvi Notebook), carrying your five experiments with apparatus, theory, circuit diagram (thanks Aneek!) , applications and problems along with it.
3. You are really ready for a savage individual performance and a threatening viva.
4. You have a pocket full of nice 4A/250V fuses, cuz' you will be given only two in the whole mess of two hours.
5. Last but not the least (of course), you must, I mean must be waving your lab manual while entering the lab.
6. There is no don't.

Besta' luck people!


Anonymous said...

circuit diagram is also include in the copy remember circuit diagram not the diagram given in the manual.

Anonymous said...

hello guyz...can u post the question asked in the viva...of practical one of our class...i would be very thankful if u also post the answer to those viva questions....thanks..

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