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Monday, November 23, 2009

EMC Evaluation - Sample Viva

Some dude, somewhere here in our department asked us to share the viva questions with answers (jo key hum naheen batain gae !). Here's what you want dude:

1. Which generator has better voltage regulation, shunt or separately excited?

2. What kinda' losses are determined by short circuit test?

3. Two loads... one of 500 ohms draws 4 A current and the other guy of 1k draws 2 A, which one puts more strain (i.e. consumes more power), on good old WAPDA mains?

4. Tell whether increasing the volume of the core plus the frequency of input signal affects hysteresis losses and eddy current losses? If no, then why yes and if yes then why not??

5. What the hell is this armature reaction thing? Just vomit it out!

6. How can the freakin' compensating windings throw the armature reaction outta the machine??

7. Let's have a cha' about the relation between no. of commutator segments and rotor slots...

8. Which motor is used in arc welding? Sorry, it goes out of your "level"! So, no need to answer...

(This "shughal" will hopefully be brought to you by Mr. Musa (Aray wohi Sir Naveed kay friend!) )

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Anonymous said...

tanx dudz.........so kind of u..!

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